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We are a multi-disciplinary studio that transform ideas into tangible & effective communication solutions.

We elevate brands through innovative solutions that marry art and technology.

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— Broadcast & Streaming
— Explainer Videos
— Media Consulting

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We redefine marketing video production

Motion Graphics & Animation

Elevate your brand with captivating motion graphics and animation. Our expert team transforms concepts into dynamic visuals, creating a lasting impact for your audience.

Broadcast & Streaming

Captivate your audience. Broadcast & streaming solutions that ignite engagement.

From live events to on-demand brilliance, we craft the perfect broadcast & streaming experience.

Explainer & Training Videos

Simplify complex ideas and empower your audience with our Explainer & Training Videos. We transform information into engaging visual stories for effective communication and impactful learning experiences.

Why Engage Us?

Our Production Process


Our video production process is collaborative and keeps you in the loop at every stage.

We begin by understanding your business, target audience, and project goals.

Concept & Script

Our process starts by creating a compelling script and concept that highlights the video’s goals.

The script and concept are the foundation of any great video. The rest of the elements can only enhance the story concept and script.

We review the script and concept with you before advancing to the next stage.


We then move to storyboarding, where we translate the script into a set of rough-draft visual cards that show how the story unfolds.

Each card represents a different step in the story and has drawings of what each scene will cover. This lays the groundwork for the animation process.


If your video needs a voiceover, we then determine the type of voice that fits your message. We propose voice talent that matches your brand. We'll provide previous works of voice artists for the selection process.

We also have the option to use premium AI text to speech platforms that sound very much like humans.

Design & Illustration

The illustration stage is where we create the final graphics that will be used in the animation. We present you the style frames to give you a clear picture of what the final video will look like. This includes adhering to any brand guides that provide direction on the use of typography, color schemes, and logo presentation.

Create Final Animation

Once style frames are approved and illustrations are complete, the animator then takes over. Animating the video involves using a combination of software tools that include Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro, and others.

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